Boris Johnson will make history if he can save the UK from division and achieve these 5 goals

Johnson will have to abandon much of the populist rhetoric that got him elected and embrace his encouraging "One Nation" message of this week.

'Historic' phase one deal with China will be very good for global growth, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC that the deal with China is about having more reciprocal trade with Beijing.

US isn't weaponizing the dollar; sanctions are the alternative to war, Mnuchin says

China and Europe have been promoting their currencies as substitutes for the dollar in the face of expanding U.S. sanctions and protectionist trade policies.

North Korea conducts new test and says it aims to restrain and overpower US nuclear threats

North Korea said it had successfully conducted another test at a satellite launch site, aimed at "restraining and overpowering the nuclear threat of the U.S."

Three words that got Boris Johnson the UK election victory he craved

The Conservative Party will form the next U.K. government with the largest majority since Tony Blair's Labour party retained power in 2001.

Mnuchin says phase two of China trade deal may come in stages: 'We'll see'

The second phase of a trade deal between the U.S. and China may come in stages, according to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The Aramco attack was an 'act of war' by Iran: Senior State Department official

Riyadh has not directly accused Tehran of carrying out an act of war, in what may be an attempt to avoid greater escalation.

Brexit deal will be a 'good thing for the UK economy,' US Treasury Secretary says

Finally completing the Brexit divorce deal between the EU and the U.K. will provide much needed stability for the British economy, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC Saturday.

US weighing 100% tariffs on more EU products including whiskies and Cognac, according to documents

The U.S. is weighing tariffs of up to 100% on European products it previously absolved, including Irish and Scotch whiskies and Cognac.

Boris Johnson after election triumph: 'I urge everyone to find closure and let the healing begin'

Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson promised unity on Friday, shortly after securing a five-year term in office.

North Korea says it conducted another crucial test at satellite launch site: KCNA

North Korea said it had conducted another test at a satellite launch site on Friday to bolster its strategic nuclear deterrence, North Korean state media outlet KCNA reported on Saturday.

Here's what the new trade deal means for the markets

The trade deal agreed to by the U.S. and China diffuses tensions and could help boost corporate profits and the global economy next year.

'Everybody's suffering' in the Gulf because of the Qatar blockade, Eni CEO says

The CEO of Italian oil and gas firm Eni has backed a return to diplomatic ties between Qatar and its powerful neighbors.

Goldman is disappointed in trade deal: Tariff rollback 'smaller than expected'

"The reduction is only half as large as our baseline assumption," said Goldman's chief economist Jan Hatzius.

Google reveals the 10 most popular travel destination trends of 2019

Google's "Year in Search 2019" reveals the top 10 travel destinations that are trending among Americans this year.

Jamie Dimon says he's 'disgusted by racism' and progress is needed at JP Morgan after report

"This is not who we are," the bank leader said.

China and US reach phase one trade deal that includes some tariff relief and agriculture purchases

Under the deal, which the U.S. and China still need to sign, the Trump administration will cancel its next tariffs and roll back other duties.

Aramco's record-breaking IPO is 'not exactly a free market price,' investor says

Weak international interest has raised the question of how genuinely successful the public listing really is.

Supreme Court will hear three cases over Trump's financial records

The Supreme Court said on Friday that it will hear three cases over President Donald Trump's financial records next year.

Path is clear for a year-end rally with key hurdles like the trade war removed

With trade tensions toned down, stocks have clearance to rally into year end, a traditionally positive time for stocks.

Larry Kudlow: 'We will see if the Chinese stay with their word'

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow maintained a cautious optimism around the trade agreement struck by China and the U.S.

West Africa's first large-scale wind farm starts generating power

The facility is located in the country of Senegal.

Why Syria's small oil reserves have become the linchpin for political control in the region

The Syrian economy has collapsed. The oil could be just enough to prop up the Syrian government ? or a competing power. And who controls oil-rich stretches of the Syrian desert could determine who controls large regions of the country.

US and China aim to sign phase one deal in January, top Trump trade official says

Robert Lighthizer says the signing would be at the minister level and would not involve President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Oil settles above $60 as trade hopes, UK election lift sentiment

Oil rose on Friday to its highest level in nearly three months as investors cheered progress in resolving the US-China trade dispute and a decisive general election result in Britain.

Boris Johnson secures biggest Conservative Party election win since 1987

At victory celebrations in central London, he said the country will now leave the EU on January 31.

Here's how sterling will now trade as Britain breaks its Brexit deadlock

Sterling will go into the first quarter of 2020 with some upside potential, according to currency experts, after a landslide U.K. election victory for Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party.

Judiciary Committee votes to advance articles of impeachment against Trump to the full House

The House Judiciary Committee sends two articles of impeachment against President Trump to the House floor for a final vote in the chamber.

The view from Brussels: EU pushes for Brexit after decisive Boris Johnson win

European leaders have roundly declared that it's now time to get on with Brexit after U.K leader Boris Johnson secured an emphatic win in the country's general election.

What the UK election result means for Brexit

Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson has secured a five-year term as prime minister with a comfortable parliamentary majority.