'Hypocrisy,' 'naivety' and 'greed': Europe chided for failing to stop Putin's war

The EU failed to counter Putin and needs to now strike flexible alliances across the world and search for new friends, current and former leaders told CNBC.

Thousands of people are leaving Hong Kong ? and now it's clear where they're going

Many global cities stand to benefit from Hong Kong?s increasing ?brain drain? of talent. Here are the major metropolises that are taking the talent in.

Stocks rise on slowing inflation report, Dow on pace to snap 8-week losing streak

The three major indexes were on track to close the week higher.

The Fed?s favorite inflation measure rose 4.9% in April in a sign that price increases could be slowing

The Fed's preferred inflation gauge rose 4.9% in April from a year ago, a still-elevated level that nonetheless indicated that price pressures could be easing.

Russian stocks may be 'essentially worthless,' MSCI research suggests

Russian stocks may have "no value" compared to the prices listed on the Moscow Exchange, new research from MSCI has suggested.

How to protect yourself against monkeypox and what to do if you catch it

A recent monkeypox outbreak across the U.S., Europe, Australia and the Middle East has baffled health experts and is raising concerns of a wider outbreak.

Alibaba, Tencent and JD.com all just posted their slowest revenue growth on record

Chinese tech giants Alibaba, Tencent and JD.com have all posted their slowest revenue growth on record as Covid and Beijing's tech crackdown took their toll.

Japan is finally seeing some inflation ? but it may not be time to celebrate

Core consumer prices may be approaching the Bank of Japan's 2% target, but veteran entrepreneur Ernie Higa says it's not time to cheer.

Top financiers and millionaires just met up in the Swiss Alps. And the mood was terrible

The world's financial elite gathered in Davos, Switzerland this week, and a darkening global economic outlook was the number one talking point.

'We're in a bear market. And I think that's good': Crypto firms hope market slump shakes out bad players

Executives from the cryptocurrency industry told CNBC the recent crash in the digital coin market should help get rid of "bad actors."

'A lot of Costco love' ? How the warehouse retailer became a staple of Asian America

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. They're also a disproportionate number of Costco's customers.

India wants to be the 'pharmacy of the world.' But first, it must wean itself from China

Already the world's third-largest manufacturer of medicines by volume, India has one of the lowest manufacturing costs globally. 

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework: What it is ? and why it matters

President Joe Biden formally introduced the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework this week, revealing Washington's long-awaited Asia-Pacific economic strategy. 

The U.S. is wrapped in 'collective grief' from school shootings and the pandemic?and it's rewiring our brains, experts say

After tragedies occur, you might feel an all-too-familiar mix of sadness, anger, shock, frustration and helplessness. It's called "collective grief," experts say.

China holds an unprecedented, massive videoconference on the economy

China held a rare nationwide meeting via teleconference Wednesday to bolster an economy battered by Covid.

Twitter director Egon Durban won't leave the board after shareholders voted to boot him

Durban, co-CEO and managing director of private equity firm Silver Lake, was on the board when it approved Twitter's sale to Elon Musk last month.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng rises nearly 3%; Alibaba shares soar after earnings report

Chinese tech giant Alibaba reported Thursday fourth-quarter earnings that were above analyst expectations.

New Airbus facility to research cryogenic fuel systems for next-gen hydrogen planes

Hydrogen has a diverse range of applications and can be deployed in a wide range of industries.

Over $50 for a burrito? World's elite splash the cash on snacks at Davos

Expensive food and warm weather are just a few of the unusual features at this year's postponed World Economic Forum in Davos.

George Soros says Russia's gas storage is almost full ? and Europe should hold its nerve

Billionaire investor George Soros says Putin is "obviously blackmailing Europe."

Google hit by second UK antitrust probe into online ad dominance

The U.K.'s competition regulator is assessing whether Google's role in the ad tech industry may be distorting competition.

French billionaire's stake in BT probed under Britain's tough new security law

The U.K. government now has the power to intervene in deals that have the potential to threaten national security.

This start-up is trying to help Indonesia's fishermen get a fair price for their catch

Aruna is an Indonesian farm-to-table e-commerce start-up that gives fishermen direct access to global consumers, fetching fair prices for their catch.

Broadcom announces plans to buy VMware in $61 billion deal

The deal would be one of the largest technology acquisitions of all time.

Monkeypox does not pose a Covid-style risk despite its swift spread, top health execs say

Global health concerns loomed over the World Economic Forum once again this year, but business leaders say they are not worried about a new monkeypox outbreak.

Twitter shareholders sue Elon Musk and Twitter over chaotic deal

Since Musk's acquisition bid, Twitter's share price has dropped more than 12%, and Tesla's is down about 28% as part of a broad sell-off in tech stocks.

Singapore's air travel is rebounding despite China's border restrictions, transport minister says

Air travel in Singapore is recovering and has reached around 40% of pre-Covid levels despite China's border restrictions, Transport Minister S. Iswaran said.

Two investment banks cut their China GDP forecasts even lower

Two investment banks cut their China GDP forecasts this week for a third time this year based on the toll of persistent Covid controls.

Monkeypox has spread to more than 20 countries, but the outbreaks are containable, WHO says

About 200 confirmed cases and more than 100 suspected cases of monkeypox have been detected outside of countries where it usually circulates.

China and Europe are leading the push to regulate A.I. ? one of them could set the global playbook

While China revamps its rulebook for tech, the EU is thrashing out its own regulatory framework to rein in AI, but it has yet to pass the finish line.

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