Italy poised for hard-right leader as country votes in snap election

Italians head to the polls Sunday in a nationwide vote that could return the country's first female prime minister.

From the Fed to Europe's currency crisis, here's what's behind this selloff in financial markets

Stocks fell sharply and bond yields rose around the world in volatile trading Friday, as global markets braced for higher interest rates and recession.

Google CEO Pichai tells employees not to 'equate fun with money' in heated all-hands meeting

Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed some annoyance at this week's all-hands meeting as he sought to clarify and defend cost cuts and address employee concerns.

New York is now the nation's busiest port in a historic tipping point for U.S.-bound trade

A historic August for container volume pushed the Port of New York and New Jersey to the No. 1 spot in the U.S., outpacing Los Angeles and Long Beach cargo.

Britain's lurch toward 'Reaganomics' gets a thumbs down from the markets

Billed as a "mini-budget" by her Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, Friday's fiscal announcement was anything but with a volume of tax cuts not seen in Britain since 1972.

Convertibles drive into the sunset as automakers invest in electric vehicles

Convertibles – once a sign of open-air freedom and summer adventures – are fading away as companies shift to EVs and SUVs.

These 10 cities have the best pizzerias in the world—see where New York lands on the list

The Italian pizza experts behind 50 Top Pizza released their 2022 survey, which ranked the best pizzerias in the world.

Want to raise strong, resilient kids? Create 'nurturing routines,' says parenting expert—here’s how

Creating healthy and nurturing routines is critical to developing confidence, resilience and independence in kids, says brain development and parenting expert Dana Suskind.

Big business likes to trumpet ESG credentials. But a 'greenwashing' reckoning could be on the horizon

The debate about sustainability claims made by companies is heating up.

Inside the $250 million penthouse on 'Billionaires' Row'

The penthouse in the world's tallest residential building is listed for $250 million, marking a major test of the ultra-luxury real estate market.

This 35-year-old has a net worth of $470,000 and is semi-retired—and she only works 7.5 hours a week

Diania Merriam realized that she didn't have an income problem, she had a spending problem.

Tech stocks just had their worst two-week stretch since the start of the pandemic

The Nasdaq Composite has dropped more than 5% in consecutive weeks, dampening enthusiasm around what had been a good start to the third quarter.

British pound plunges, bonds sink after government announces tax cuts

The embattled British pound fell more than 2% against the dollar, after the new U.K. government announced a radical economic plan in a bid to boost growth.

Elon Musk has more than 20 direct reports at Tesla — here are the ones we know about

Musk will need to lean on these deputies as Tesla brings two new factories to full production, and tries to fulfill elusive goals in service and self-driving.

Mass protests in Iran, sparked by woman's death in police custody, are the regime's biggest challenge in years

Protests were triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for allegedly breaking Iran's strict rules on wearing the hijab.

UK government dishes out extensive tax cuts as country braces for recession

The new U.K. government announced a sweeping program of tax cuts and investment incentives Friday.

Hedge funds ramp up market bets as volatility brings the asset class back into favor

Hedge funds' total gross trading flow had the largest notional increase since 2017 last week heading into the Fed's rate decision, according to Goldman's data.

Steve Hanke says the chance of a U.S. recession just shot up to 80%

There is an 80% chance of the U.S. going into a recession, says Steve Hanke, a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University.

Debt-loaded cruise lines' shares fall as Fed hikes rate and recession fears grow

Holding billions in debt, cruise companies like Carnival and Royal Caribbean felt the pain of the Federal Reserve's rate hikes Wednesday.

Putin's 'incredibly dangerous' nuclear threats raise the risk of an unprecedented disaster

"Coming from the person who has the sole decision-making power regarding Russian nuclear weapons this will have to be taken seriously," one analyst said.

HSBC warns investors to avoid European stocks

"I would caution against buying Europe because of the cheaper valuations and interest rate movements," said Willem Sels from HSBC Private Banking.

U.S. interest rates may be rising, but that won't trigger another Asian Financial Crisis, analysts say

This time, the foundations of emerging Asian markets are healthier and better able to withstand pressures on foreign exchange rates, analysts said.

EV sales to hit all-time high in 2022, IEA says, but more work needed to put world on net-zero path

While sales of electric vehicles are showing encouraging signs, other sectors require more attention, the IEA said.

Alibaba pledges $1 billion to cloud computing customers to reignite growth

Alibaba has seen an unprecedented slowdown in growth amid Chinese economic malaise. The company see cloud computing as key to reigniting growth.

China's CATL, a Tesla supplier, considers expanding battery swapping business overseas

CATL, the world's largest electric vehicle battery maker, is a supplier to companies such as Tesla and Ford.

Charts suggest inflation could soon come down ‘substantially,’ Jim Cramer says

The "Mad Money" host's comments come after the Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised interest rates by another 75 basis points.

Chinese state media claims U.S. NSA infiltrated country's telecommunications networks

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) gained access to China's telecommunications network after hacking a university, state media alleged.

Apple's new AirPods Pro are worth the $249 even if you already own the older version

Apple's new AirPods Pro headphones are the best new thing the company released this fall. Here's why I think the second-generation buds are a must buy. says China hotel bookings are surpassing pre-pandemic levels

That growth came despite continued sporadic lockdowns and travel restrictions across China to control Covid outbreaks.

The U.S. and its allies are joining forces on chips. That could stop China reaching the next level

Leading chipmaking nations including the U.S. and South Korea have looked to forge partnerships around semiconductors. But China is not involved in any of them.