China protests send global stocks lower as strategists see Covid disruption persisting

Global stocks pulled back on Monday after rare protests erupted across China amid growing unrest over the government's zero-Covid policy.

China protests could usher in 'more authoritarian' Xi era, analyst says

The eruption over the weekend of mass protests in China could mark the start of a "more authoritarian" era in President Xi Jinping's premiership.

Protests against Covid controls erupt across China

Rare protests broke out across China over the weekend as groups of people vented their frustration over the zero-Covid policy.

Iran is calling for the U.S. to be thrown out of the World Cup after flag change

Iranian state media is calling for the U.S. World Cup soccer team to be thrown out of the 2022 tournament in Qatar.

China might not make major changes to its Covid policy any time soon, despite weekend protests

Groups of people in China took to the streets over the weekend to vent their frustration, built up over nearly three years of stringent Covid controls.

UK property demand slides 44% after market-rocking mini-budget, study shows

Demand for U.K. homes has nearly halved, but property firm Zoopla says it sees a "shake out" rather than a "crash" in property markets.

CEO of multimillion-dollar company Casetify shares his No. 1 'super underrated' business tip

"Learn about running a business from your mom and dad. Run a business that makes money and is profitable. That's the way to go," said Wesley Ng.

CNBC Stock World Cup 2022: Recap of winners and losers so far

If you invest today, which of the two companies going head to head will give you a greater total return over the next 12 months? We ask experts.

Tech's reality check: How the industry lost $7.4 trillion in one year

A bruising year for technology has left investors and workers gasping for breath and wondering when the layoffs will end and IPOs will come back.

Black Friday online sales top $9 billion in new record

Consumers spent a record $9.12 billion online shopping during Black Friday this year, according to Adobe.

Omicron BQ Covid variants, which threaten people with compromised immune systems, are now dominant in U.S.

The BQ coronavirus subvariants are likely resistant to key antibody medications used by people with compromised immune systems.

The biggest security risks of using fitness trackers and apps to monitor your health

Fitness trackers and apps from Google's Fitbit to Apple Watch and Strava help stay on top of health and wellness, but secure personal data before sporting them.

Lisbon and Mexico City are on travelers’ wish lists for 2023: These are the top 10 trending vacation destinations

American Express Travel published its 2023 trending destinations list, featuring the 10 most popular places to go to next year.

The U.S. is 'certainly' still in a Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Fauci says

Dr. Anthony Fauci said the U.S. is "certainly" still in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic, and he is "very troubled" by the divisive state of American politics.

Singapore's inflation may have eased slightly, but central bank warns pain likely to linger

While still at 14-year highs, Singapore's core consumer price index rose 5.1% for October compared with a year ago.

Malaysia's new prime minister Anwar Ibrahim vows to unify the country and fight corruption

Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's new prime minister, has vowed to fight corruption and pledged not to take a salary as Malaysians battle rising costs of living. 

Tesla recalls more than 80,000 cars in China over software and seatbelt issues

Investors will be watching for any fallout for Tesla in China — a market that has become increasingly competitive with a number of domestic challengers.

Adidas employees raised concerns about Ye's conduct for years, report says

The CEO and other senior leaders at Adidas discussed the potential fallout from its relationship with Kanye West as far back as four years ago, one report said.

Don’t want to give your kid a smartphone? Here are some alternatives

For most parents, figuring out whether to give your child a smartphone can be a challenging task.

Brain expert: The No. 1 thing that sets 'SuperAgers' apart from people with 'weak memory skills'

"SuperAgers," a group of people who often live past 100 years old, have younger brains and stronger memory than most others. Brain health expert Marc Milstein shares the No. 1 habit that differentiates them from people who are at higher risk of developing dementia.

Binance, other crypto firms line up bids for bankrupt Voyager Digital after FTX collapse

Digital currency lender Voyager Digital has been set back to square one after FTX, which had initially agreed to acquire the firm, filed for bankruptcy.

Foreign students to reportedly be barred from UK unless studying at top universities

Foreign students wanting to study in Britain may be turned away unless they have secured a place at a "top university," according to a report by The Times.

It's about to be way easier to make a smart home. Here's what you need to know

Soon most smart home devices from the biggest brands will work together if they don't already, thanks to a new standard called Matter.

Warren Buffett explains his $750 million charitable donation on Thanksgiving eve

The legendary investor said the donation is his way of giving thanks to his children for their charitable work.

After decades as a nuclear powerhouse, France makes its play in offshore wind

Located in waters off the south west coast of France, the Saint-Nazaire project consists of 80 turbines.

Hyundai is on a hot streak in the U.S., but Biden's Inflation Reduction Act could spoil it

With new EVs and SUVs, the company's Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands are expected to capture nearly 11% of the U.S. new vehicle market this year.

The new iPhone 14 and iOS upgrade include some big cybersecurity changes

Apple iPhone 14 buyers are getting a better camera and battery, and faster chip, but what about security upgrades? There are some big ones on the new model.

Musk says Twitter to launch 'Verified' service next week with a 'gold check' for companies

Elon Musk said the Twitter "Verified" service would have a "gold check" for companies, a grey colored one for government accounts and a blue one for individuals.

'Heated' and 'really ugly': Europe fails to thrash out details on gas price cap as talks turn sour

European energy ministers failed Thursday to reach a compromise over a cap on natural gas prices after "heated", "ugly" and "tough" discussions.

Parents who raise highly successful kids have these 3 things in common

There are common threads among parents who raise resilient, confident, well-adjusted kids.